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April 1, 2018

One stage, one night, ten of the most accomplished pianists in the world performing music we all love- from Classical, Jazz, New Age, to Pop Contemporary- arranged by brilliant composer and musician Michael Allen Harrison.  Ten Grands has thrilled audiences in sold out concert halls since 2001 and now is presented in an outdoor venue.

Awe-inspiring guest performances from young musical prodigies astound and delight throughout this enchanting musical feast that is one of the hottest entertainment tickets in the Northwest.

Bring your blankets and stretch out as the sun sets and experience an evening like no other- great music, great community, the beauty of an amazing Oregon summer night on The Reserve Vineyards and Golf Club.

10 Pianos

10 Pianists

1 Stage

1 Night

A Unique Outdoor Concert Benefiting Education

Furthering a student’s education is a critical component of the development of individuals and strong communities.  When students receive a complete education- one that balances the sciences and arts- the rewards and effectiveness can multiply and ripple through a community.  Coupling music education with other subjects has proven to produce higher academic results than without a music-learning component.  Furthermore, students that are exposed to other cultures and customs can have a greater perspective and compassion when dealing with our complex and diversified society.  The Snowman and Rotary Club of Tigard Foundations are partnering together to help support education in its many forms.

The Snowman Foundation works to promote music education primarily through its Play it Forward program.  This program helps provide instruments and instructors to students that would otherwise be unable to have access to personal music education.  While schools continue to cut these programs, the Play it Forward program ensures that anyone with the desire to make music a part of their life are able to do so.

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The Rotary Club of Tigard Foundation supports education, among other initiatives, in a variety of ways including college scholarships, high school youth exchange program, recognizing high school academic achievements, and access to education in developing countries.  It also supports basic needs locally and across the world to help ensure that focus can be given to education, community citizenship, the promotion of peace and vocational development.

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are critical to the success of the event.

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The Ten Grands model is simple: A non-profit show with the net proceeds going to the local community where the show is performed. Ten Grands partners with a local organization to plan and present a concert fund-raising event. Net profits are split between both participating non-profit organizations.

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